Safe Dogs By The River

Mission Statement

Safe Dogs By The River wishes to facilitate positive relationships with our companion animals through education, demonstration, support and example. We believe all companion animals deserve to be treated with respect, affection and dignity. We wish to assist owners, rescuers, dog walkers or anyone involved with dogs, or any animals, in efficient and effective communication with our companions.

We believe our companion animals belong in our homes and it is part of our mission to educate people on how to teach them those skills. Animals do not automatically know how to live on our world. Their natural behaviors are the very things that cause us to banish them, relinquish them or otherwise neglect their needs. They give us so much. We owe it to them to take the time to learn how to teach them to live happily in our world. There are no stupid dogs, just lack of proper communication.

Safe Dogs By The River wants to help break through the language barrier and offer the positive tools necessary for any dog to be happy & healthy!

We encourage a relationship of mutual trust, love and respect between you and your beloved companions!

Safe Dogs By The River is a Non Profit 501 (c)(3) organization.

We offer educational options for low income and homeless people with their companion animals, at little or no cost. Giving them the tools to make for happy, healthy, well behaved and safe dogs. This education can go a long way to getting people into better situations like off the streets, into shelters or permanent housing WITH their companion animals. Perhaps we can even help to change some of the “no pets” policies of many housing options.

In Portland there are many amazing resources for people with pets. PAW Team ( is just one example. The medical needs of companion animals are being met more and more for those that have difficulty in providing for their them. See our PORTLAND PET RESOURCES page for additional information.

Even with all these amazing organizations, there is a great need that is not being met. The mental health of our companion animals goes largely ignored. Up to 95% of pets that are relinquished, abandoned or otherwise neglected are due to behavioral problems. We intend to fill that gap and provide training, education and positive tools to those in greatest need. We want all companion animals to have the same chance at living a happy, well-adjusted, healthy life.

SDBTR policy is such that all companion animals be spayed or neutered for services. If this has not been accomplished, SDBTR will assist in getting this very important procedure done.

We will provide the community service of rescuing animals in need. SDBTR will utilize foster homes for our animals in need of finding their own happy ending.  We will positively invest in not only rescuing them, but rehabilitating and rehoming as well. A home environment with one on one care will help each individual to reach his or her greatest potential.

SDBTR is seeking volunteers for fostering and training assistants.

All foster homes will go through a training program to offer the best possible outcome. If you are interested in providing a foster home for an animal in need please contact us for options. All Training Assistants will also go through a training program before working directly with the animals. We are hoping to provide group classes (if we can find a location) and one on one individual sessions to people in need.

SDBTR is happily accepting tax deductible donations. We are in greatest

need of positive training tools. We have an Wish List that can be viewed here:.

or here:

It is SDBTR policy that we do not accept aversive or

harmful items like prong collars, choke chains or shock/citronella collars. Monetary donations are gladly accepted and badly needed.

We have a convenient option of Pay Pal on each page of this site or you

can email for a mailing address for checks or money orders.

Thank you so much for considering any donation, anything and

everything counts towards helping animals and their people.


Contact SDBTR:

Phone: 503.683.DOGS (3647)